The Brain Massage CDs by LogRhythm Music are beautiful, relaxing, joyful journeys through a heartfelt blending of Didjeridoo, Synthesizer, Handpans, Guitar, Vocals, Nai Flute, Fujara, Throatsinging and Animal & Wildlife Sounds.

Brain Massage 1 CD

Brain Massage

Brain Massage is a work created especially for the many people who have had, and who will someday have, the “Brain Massage” experience on the famous Pearl Street Mall in Boulder Colorado. Read more…

Brain Massage 2 CD

Brain Massage II

Brain Massage II takes the listener on a relaxing, joyful journey through a heartfelt blending of didjeridoo, synthesizer, handpans, guitar, vocals, throat singing and cat purring.
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didgeridoo music

Brain Massage III

Brain Massage III makes use of panning instruments and sounds to stimulate Alpha brain waves and right / left hemisphere integration when listening with headphones.
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