per hultquist and biggie

Photos by Bill Bregach

It is my intention to eventually add many more pictures and, at some point, video which will undoubtedly add considerably to the reading experience. I hope you enjoy the journey. – Per

Biggie and Me


This is a story about how a man and a wild animal came to be good friends. It is a true and heartwarming account about my friend Biggie, a Mule Deer Alpha Buck, and how our relationship developed. By learning to share the land and it’s bounties, we ultimately learned to accept one another into our respective worlds.

In the Bible we are told of how man and animals were intended to live amongst each other in peace, and how Bible prophecy promises that in a post apocalyptic world this will come to be. Perhaps some of us have been fortunate enough to experience, in some small but significant way, what our world was and is intended to be like.

Certainly, no man can live with or among animals for any length of time and not learn much about himself and about the animal kingdom. I’m not an expert on animal behavior, but I have been blessed to have a few profound experiences that no institute of higher education can match. These experiences were, as the reader will learn, “meant to be” whether by an act of God or some other force beyond normal human control and instinct. I sincerely do not believe that “chance” played any major part in the animal relationships that were formed over the 9-year span of this story.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who helped in more ways than one, to bring this work to the universe.

Eileen, my wife and best friend of over 40 years.

Dr. Laura Deghetaldi, a dedicated and loving wild and domestic animal rescuer and rehabber who selflessly donates her land, her time and her own money to care for orphaned, injured or ill animals.

Rick Basagoitia, Division of Wildlife Officer who helped me keep a watchful eye on Biggie.

Tina Jungwirth, Division of Wildlife Officer who brought me a precious gift.

Ed “Mulara” Drury, an experienced and able writer (and an accomplished musician) who allowed himself to be roped in to assist me with my shortcomings as an author.

My Aunt Louise Frey, author of several books and supporter and editorial assistant in this effort.

I dedicate this book to my good friend of 9 years “Biggie”, a.k.a. “Big Boy,” a.k.a. “Biggie Deer Boy.” All profits from the sale of The Biggie Book, or donations received by those wishing to do so are to be donated to either our local animal rehabilitation facility, the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and/or our local Humane Society.

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