Brain Massage 1 CDA very meditative & peaceful combination of new age & world fusion. The instruments and soundscapes heard within include keyboard, violin, handpans, tingsha, throatsinging, overtone singing, didj, didge, didgeridu, didjeridu, didjeridoo, didgeridoo. 

“Brain Massage” is a work created especially for the many people who have had, and who will someday have, the Brain Massage experience on the famous Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Because special care was taken to capture the same holographic feel that is created on the mall, this CD is best experienced with headphones.

The Songs

1. Whales (8:40)
2. Eagles (9:29)
3. The Pearl Street Massage (6:14)
4. Deer Dancer (6:00)
5. Cricket Lark (8:32)
6. Hummingbird (6:03)
7. Outta the Blue (9:41)
8. Alpine Meadow (5:27)

Many warm evenings, especially on weekends, Per & Eileen can be found busking the mall, often performing with other musicians. Most who gather ’round and experience the massage have wanted to take home a recording to recreate the experience for themselves as well as treat friends and family members.

This has been an evolutionary work, spanning over 2 years while taking deliberate care to explore the path less traveled. It is our sincerest intent that this CD be healing in countless ways – as many ways as there are listeners. Ways that include calming the restless; de-stressing the stressed; soothing troubled souls, bruised spirits and weary minds and bodies; and generally transporting self and mind to a very present and peaceful place within.

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The Musicians

Per & Eileen Hultquist have been playing Didjeridu for many years. Although their musical backgrounds were planted in their childhood years, the experience waited 50 years to take root. Recently as an adjunct to Didjeridu, throat singing and overtoning have also found their way into their lives. The wonderful new percussive Swiss instrument relative to the steel drum, the handpans, is a recent addition as well.

Tessalin Green, born into a family of classical musicians, has blissfully explored music throughout her life.  After enjoying a number of years as a vocalist/songwriter playing electric bass and keyboards in original rock bands in Austin, Texas, Tessalin was drawn to the beauty of the Colorado wilderness and the richness of the Boulder world-music scene. She met Per and Eileen at an African drumming class, connected in heart, and began to play together. Tessalin provides the melodic keyboard foundation for the compositions on the CD which were mostly improvisations-in-flight captured in the net of Per’s Korg D1600 multitrack recorder. Love and laughter have given them wings to fly free.

Sandra Wong is a classically trained violinist who is adept in a wide range of styles, including Celtic, Bluegrass and Swedish Folk, and is a master of the art of improvisation. In addition to violin, Sandra plays the Swedish instrument “Nyckelharpa” and can be heard at many venues regionally. Her passionate offerings, as you will hear, are divinely inspired rainbows of sound.


Audio engineer: Martin Schiff, Starbirth Music.

Pearl Street Mall Visitors: who so wanted to take us home