didgeridoo musicThis CD, the 3rd in a series of “Brain Massage” albums, also makes use of panning instruments and sounds to stimulate Alpha brain waves and right and left hemisphere integration, when listening with headphones.

Focusing in a state of deep relaxation of body, mind and heart allows access to the “inner healing” capabilities that we all innately possess.

Brain Massage music is popular among massage therapists, classroom teachers, yoga practitioners and casual listeners.  It is beautiful and calming beyond its therapeutic value.

Brain Massage III may best be described as “New Age/World Fusion.” Our world instrument sounds are very primal and earthy and are known to evoke deep feelings of connection to all life forms.

In Deep Gratitude for the music flowing through us ~ Per, Eileen & Tessalin


“Brain Massage” is a work created especially for the many people who have had and who will someday have the Brain Massage experience on the famous Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Because special care was taken to capture the same holographic feel that is created on the mall, this CD is best experienced with headphones.

The Songs

1. When Earth Sings (11:04) Imagine the vibration of all life forms resonating together!  Earth’s song apparently vibrates at a resonant frequency of 136 Hz, generally around the key of the low C# didgeridoo.  We sing it here for you with our hearts.

2. Tribal Wind (8:13) Originally performed during our 2004 Brain Massage CD release party at the famous, former Penny Lane in Boulder. This is a new rendition that pays homage to the indigenous tribes of the world.

3. Rainbow Rain (11:00) The magical sounds of the African Kalimba performed by master player Cornelius Duncan bring forth the feel & scent of life-giving rains and their wondrous rainbows.

4. After The Storm (8:25) Inspired by the peacefulness following a short but intense thunderstorm we experienced while jamming in the studio.

5. Lost & Found (7:08) This song is dedicated to a certain Penta E Hang from Switzerland, made by Panart, that was sold to us by Ron Kravitz.  The Hang was inadvertently left behind and lost following an urgent exodus from the outdoor Pearl Street Mall during a torrential rainstorm, and was destined for landfill until someone rescued it from a dumpster. Two years later it serendipitously found its way back to Ron who lived 1000 miles away. Ron sent the traveling Hang back home to us, brimming full of its adventures.

6. Dean & JoJo (10:01) A tribute to the amazing interspecies relationship between our friend, Dean Bernal, and a wild dolphin named JoJo. This ongoing relationship began more than 20 years ago off the coast of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Our song was inspired while watching video footage supplied by Dean. He was with us, relaxing on our studio floor, silently adding his energies to the creative process.    www.deanandjojo.com

7. Birth of a Whale (9:03) This truly amazing piece arose spontaneously when Ash Dargan (Australian Flutist and Didgeridoo player) and Kristen Autry (Yanni & Kitaro violinist) both happened upon the premises at the same time. We totally improvised this piece in one take, sparked by a vision of whales, and the power of intention.


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Meet the Musicians

LogRhythm Music Boulder ColoradoPer Hultquist – Didgeridoo, Hang, Fujara, Throat singing, Native American Flute
Eileen Hultquist – Didgeridoo, Hang
Tessalin Green – Synthesizers, Vocals
Tony Zapitelli – Guitar (After the Storm)
Cornelius Duncan – Kalimba  (Rainbow Rain)
Kristen Autry – Violin (Birth of a Whale)
Ash Dargan – Native American Flute (Birth of a Whale)
John Pascuzzi – Tuvan Igil (Whale calls on Birth of a Whale)

Mixed & Mastered by Scott “Gusty” Christenson, Aspen Digital Recording, Lafayette, CO aspendigital@ecentral.com

Graphics by Valerie Lorig