Chapter 4: An Introduction to the Characters

Perhaps this is a good place to introduce the rest of the characters that you will be meeting thoughout this book. They are presented here, not in any particular order other than how they are dredged from my memory. Besides these characters, there are many more who made fleeting visits, but who were either never around enough to become acquainted with or had no distinguishing characteristics that we could pinpoint. Over the years it became quite clear to us that each deer had its own personality. No two were ever alike. Whenever we saw deer in the wild we always thought that they all looked and acted the same. From our close-up perspective we know this is not the case.

Poofy Eyes. This Doe makes appearances every year, and she usually brings with her a new pair of twin fawns. We named her Poofy Eyes because she always has puffy bags under her eyes. Raising twins every year will do that I suppose. She was quite friendly and early in our relationship she would accept apples by hand. However, I decided that because I had already committed to a relationship with Biggie, I would just remain friends with Poofy Eyes. She already knew that my yard would be safe if she needed it. Frequently when Poofy was here, another Doe and her fawn would also be in the group. Occasionally several does and fawns or yearlings would congregate here, but they never stayed very long. I suppose they knew this was “male” territory and they shouldn’t stay long.

Tripod. Tripod was memorable but short. As his name suggests, Tripod had one hind leg missing from the knee down. He also had one antler missing. From what we could learn, the antler had been amputated when he had gotten so hopelessly bound up in a volleyball net and had actually torn a part of his skull as a result of trying to free himself. He was rescued and repaired and sent on his way, but he had all four legs at that time. No one knows how or when he lost the leg. I must say though, that he got around quite well and he gave a fair accounting of his sparring skills in spite of his double handicap. Tripod disappeared after his two day visit and we haven’t seen him since.

Prince. Prince is not a regular. Prince makes very rare appearances, usually near the end or just after rutting season. Prince is a large and dominant buck who gets his name from his “princely” appearance. With a much longer and more slender face than the other bucks, and with a very attractive rack, prince indeed looks like royalty. His eyes are more almond shaped as well.

Big Crooked Horn. This is another large buck, also dominant, who comes around much more often and is clearly looking to take over the role that Biggie has been playing. The name comes from the fact that each year one of his antlers grows with a mis-shaped prong that came down and curled around in front of his right eye. It looked odd, but could be an eye protection in a battle. He never seemed to be particularly bothered by it.

Little Crooked Horn. This buck is much younger but could easily be an offspring of Big Crooked Horn’s. The same or similar affliction appeared each year that we see him, however he is not a frequent visitor.

Pretty Boy. Pretty boy is just that. He always seems to present himself in such a such a “pretty” way. Antlers always very symetrical and very upright. Everything about him said “pretty.” His fur always looked in better condition than all the others, his eyes are pretty and bright as is his face. Another large buck who might also have aspirations to be the new dominant “kid on the block.”

Buddy 1 and Buddy 2. These young bucks could almost be twins, and they may well be. To me they look like they could be about a year apart in ages, but that could come about from one being more dominant I suppose. These 2 are frequent visitors.

Whitey. This middle aged buck is also a more recent sighting. His coat was much grayer when we first met him, thus the name Whitey. He’s smaller than most of the other bucks but he carries a nice rack with him. He was quite tame at the first meeting. Whitey is not what we call a “regular.”

Lillie Boy. So named because of his timid (lily livered) nature and his smaller size, with recurring asymetrical antlers. Biggie’s best friend and most frequent companion. Often these two are seen grooming one another and frequently sparring. Always in subjection to Biggie, but ever relentless to encroach in Biggie’s feeding zone. We are fairly certain that Lillie may in fact be “cry baby” all grown up. The time line fits so well, as do the wide facial features.

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