What Others Are Saying

brain massage boulder colorado
A couple getting a “brain massage” on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

“Congratulations on a brilliant album. And I reserve the word album only for a recording that plays beautifully from the first track through to the last.”

“Wonderfull CD, wonderfull energy.”

“I’ve been listening to it almost every day when I go to sleep. It’s very relaxing.”

“This is beautiful… Truly. It is a masterpiece. You really have captured the essence of the humpback’s singing.”

“Tried it on headphones for the first time the other night – WOW.”

“There is a spiritual element to this work. In addition to music lovers and didj enthusiasts, massage therapists should be interested in this CD–imagine combining body work with a brain massage. What bliss!”

“I can’t remember when I was last so enchanted with new music…the love and intent is coming through very clearly. I am especially impressed how you blended man-made sound with nature, even the whale’s breathing sounds real. It makes me exhale when I hear it!”

“With a unique balance of elements, Logrhythm is able to recreate visual memories in sound by recreating memories and crafting contextual soundcapes out of the influence of nature. Wonderful stuff!”

Brain Massage, in a word, is beautiful.”

“The songs with violin on this CD are just incredibly haunting and evocative… It’s also evident just how deeply attuned the musicians are with one another….”

“I’m in love with this CD! The CD delivers….I was moved. Smiled alot. Got misty eyed more than a few times… and transported to many different places and times.”

“It creates a mood that touches something deep within us. I think Brain Massage is one of the most tender, melodic arrangements for didge I’ve had the pleasure to hear; thank you so much for your gift!”

“These pieces of musical art are fantastic!!! The way the music depicts the hummingbirds and whale is surreal!! The music brings them to life in your inner mind!!”